Sewing Classes

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Have you ever wanted to make you very own clothing that you have dreamed of.

Now is your chance, Hester from Ja Delle Designs will teach you how to sew like a professional.

Sewing Classes are held on location at Ja Delle Designs at Shop 1/52 French Street, Pimlico, Townsville, Australia, 4812.


Sorry that there is no online course available at the moment they will hopefully come in the future.


Hester will teach you professional techniques and couture techniques over the length of the course. You don't need any experience in sewing you will learn everything you need to be able to sew any gown that you wish.  

Hester is very flexible with her hours to suit then needs of your busy life. Sewing classes are held weekly, either one day a week for a four hour class or two hour classes twice a week, you can always do more then 4 hours a week if you like, please enquire to discuss arrangements. 

If you can't quite afford it or you don't have much free time available, you can do just two hours a week.

Class times and days available during the week are as follows:

Tuesday & Wednesday 10.30 - 5.30.

Thursday 10.30 - 9.30 (evening classes)

Friday No Classes

Saturday 10.00 - 2.00

Sunday & Monday Closed

If you are interested in learning how to create your own patterns, you can fill out the enquiry form below or give Hester a call on +617 4755 2278.

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Ja Delle Designs is Closed on Sundays and Mondays. No Classes on Fridays
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