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About Me

Making Her Very Own Fashion Statement!!

Creativity takes on many forms. In the world of fashion, creativity is paramount. Along with creativity one needs to make a definitive statement as to one's own sensuality. Hester Jarvis truly realizes everyone's needs, desires and wants and creates fashion so you too can explore the real you, what makes you tick.

To that end and since 1997 Hester has been creating fashions to blend with individual lifestyles in the Haute Couture, Evening, Bridal, Race Wear, Resort Wear, Cocktail, Casual Wear and Swimwear categories.

Rewards! Yes they do exist and Hester has been recognized many times for her creations. The prestigious ‘NRA Australian Fashion Design Awards' saw Hester reach the finals in Haute Couture. More recognition followed when she won the North Queensland Fashion Awards ‘Judges Choice', ‘Viewers' Choice' and ultimately winning the Haute Couture award which saw her enjoying and showing her creations in Italy.



Coco Latte

Coco Latte

These accolades didn't stop. Hester's creations have been entered in the subsequent NRMA Insurance Australian Fashion Design Awards where her ‘Fashions on the Field' creations scooped various awards including the ‘Viewers' Choice'. Then, at the close of one of these awards her greatest moments were realized when she scooped the Supreme Award for ‘Coco Latte' in the Fashions On The Field category. A remarkable achievement which gave her more overseas visits and exposure.

This recognition simply did not stop with Hester taking home the ‘Bridal Award' at the Sotherton's Fashion Awards during 2005.


Not a bad achievement for a girl who's been teaching, creating and designing quality, style and poise from an early age.

Ja Delle Designs, based in Northern Australia , is ready to take on the World with her unique talents and creative abilities.