Q: Why are 95% of your Clothing is a Size: 10?

A: Most of my gowns have been created for fashion awards/parades, Size: 10 is the normal size for fashion awards. You can see if a alteration is possible by Enquiring about Alterations For Existing Gowns

Q: What will happen if I machine wash one of your clothes?

A: As most of my gowns are made from expensive and hard to find fabric, While the gowns are heavy detailed, that washing machines will break/rip the gown and destroy it, voiding any returns for warranty.

Please Read the Caring for your garment page.

Q: How do I hand wash my gown

A: Please Read the Caring for your garment page.

Q: Why does the Categories by tag view, load very slowly?

A: Not really sure why that section loads slowly, have tried to improve it, but to no prevail. Sorry if it loads to slow, try just using the full store instead.

Q: I don't live in Townsville but I would like to learn one of your courses is there an online course?

A: Sorry, currently there are no online courses available, as a long term goal for this website, is to be able offer Hester's skills to every-one in the world with online Courses.

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